Taking the plunge

I should probably make it clear that I am not yet in Paris. Rather, I am in the process of organising my year in Paris and part of this has been venturing, nervously, into the daunting world of blogging. In many senses blogging, for me, is infinitely more difficult and terrifying that actually venturing to Paris itself. However, I have decided to take the plunge by masquerading as a person with something vaguely interesting, unique and profound to say over the next year. I don't pretend however to be a writer, instead I am simply someone who has something to say. And so, with these intentions......I begin, 

I plan to outline my year in the unknown, in one of the most beautiful, historic, timeless, romantic and intriguing cities in the world. I hope to be sucked into a world of culture, art, music, good food, friendship and love. I have always envisaged myself as being instantaneously transformed in Paris into a sophisticated woman with good taste, intellect and knowledge. However, so far in life I have stumbled along and therefore I don't pretend that my experience in France will be any different. But, I do hope that during my brief spell in Paris I will become immersed in every aspect of Parisian life and culture and in some respects, if not all, become the girl in the films, springing along the Seine, enlightened by the amazing city around her. 

I plan to find the best restaurants, the prettiest shady spots in parks, the tastiest ice creams, the most unique boutiques, authentic markets, hidden alleys, fine wine, dingy jazz clubs, the friendliest locals, the quirky museums, the unknown historical locations and most importantly, I hope to find myself. 

It is with these desires that I commence my Parisian adventure. 

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