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So recently a wave of happiness has overcome me, not that i'm usually unhappy, but little moments have recently warmed my heart triggered a little smile. 

There really is nothing better than catching up with old, and new friends, over a steaming hot chocolate in a warm cafe with steaming windows while it is raining outside. I believe nothing could make me happier.....until we progressed onto wine. 

Buskers on the metro are a common sight in Paris, however what is not common is people appreciating the music and taking time out of their rushing and dashing to actually listen and not just hear the music. I smiled a little smile today when I rushed past a violinist coming off the metro and noticed a man sat on the steps watching and listening intently, enjoying and appreciating the music. I, in turn, appreciated how special this little moment of unusualness amongst the ordinary touched my heart and re-instilled my faith in art and humanity. 

The view from my window never fails to make me smile, bathed in a warm red light from the restaurant opposite and accompanied by the background blur of the street's evening noise there really is nothing pleasanter than throwing open the shutters and absorbing the pace of the city at night. 

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