First Signs of Summer

The Imperial War Museum is one of my favourite places in London, so I couldn't wait to visit once the renovation work had been completed. 

I love that the building is shrouded in so much history, as it was first used to house the mental asylum, also known as Bedlam. Today, the building houses the history of a complex and tragic past, but is paradoxically beautiful outside. 

AN and I spent a thought-provoking day wandering the exhibition halls and soaking up the incredible stories that have been immortalised forever. 

I do miss studying history and so this day was a brief re-visit to this geeky part of my personality. 

Obviously, AN was in heaven and was so deeply engrossed that I had to bribe him with a doorstep sized slice of cake to drag him away for a quick 10 minute break. I would definitely recommend a visit to the tea rooms at the IWM, they are akin to a National Trust tea room and should not be missed. 

AN spends all day everyday with tanks and yet spent a long time wandering the large entrance hall looking at the tanks and planes. The one thing he wanted a picture of.....his girlfriend with a tank, I was happy to oblige! 

We ended the day with a quick ice cream sat in the grounds and enjoyed the last few rays of the afternoon sunshine. 

Another perfect day 

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