Singapore - Part 2 - Pulau Ubin

After a day a the beach on Sentosa, we were definitely in need of a cocktail, or three! Papa T had made dinner reservations at the Fullerton Bay, a beautiful old colonial style hotel right on the bay, overlooking the Marina Bay Sands and the famous Singapore skyline. 

I didn't take any pictures inside, but we had a delicious meal, rounded off with a trio of crème brûlées and some mini macarons. 

The next day, in complete contrast, AN and I headed to the other side of the country....yes Singapore really is that small! We took a little chug-chug boat over to the small island of Pulau Ubin, just off the Changi coast. Pulau Ubin is said to be a glimpse of what Singapore used to be like, before it became so developed and cosmopolitan. 

The island is basically all uncultivated jungle with a police training academy and a few little shacks serving up the catch of the day. With no roads, the best way to explore was to pick up some bikes and head into the jungle! 

We followed the winding trails deep into the hot and humid jungle, passed the mangrove swamps and giant monitor lizards. The sounds of unfamiliar insects were making the trees hum and the heat of the day felt even hotter under the canopy of giant leaves above us. 

We came to a small path leading off the main track, flanked with colourful flag poles, that was too tempting to leave unexplored. The path led to a little temple on the banks of the murky river that had been ceremonially dressed up in colourful prayer flags as far as the eye could see.

In the middle of the jungle this little show was so unexpected and just a little bit magical. It was also completely deserted, so we wandered around taking far too many photos and making some new turtle-like friends. 

We eventually found ourselves back at the little seafood cafes and feasted on plate after plate of the freshest fish and noodles, before heading back to the mainland. 

We ran straight to the airport where we hopped on a plane with Mama and Papa T, heading to Thailand for our next expedition! 

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