Un Petit Tour de Paris

Bethanyinthebigcity first started life in the city of Paris, during a whirlwind year abroad spent in the greatest city on earth. Don't get me wrong, London is a fantastic home and I have been very lucky to travel to some other wonderful places, but Paris will always have my heart.  

I can't explain it but when I walk around the streets of Paris I feel at home, I know the back streets, the best restaurants and how the city works. I understand the brash french joie de vivre and I will never get bored of the golden hour sunlight bouncing perfectly off the Dior-grey Paris buildings. 

It seemed only fitting that I show AN where my heart really belongs, so just before Christmas (yes, this post is very late) we hopped on the Eurostar to the city of light. It also helped that we managed to catch Miss VN on her final few days living in Paris. 

VN acted as tour guide and showed us her Paris. I am a firm believer that you have to find your own slice of a city, you own 'quartier' of Paris and your own way. I was really excited to see V's Paris and to explore areas that I had not yet discovered. Thanks for being our guide V! 

We dashed about seeing all of the sights and even took a quick selfie under the Eiffel tower itself. 

On the final day we hired bikes and raced along the river from one side of the city to the other, and back again!. 

We were lucky enough to catch an old friend SAPG who kindly cooked us a lovely supper as we caught up over a fine bottle of wine. Again, we were fortunate to catch her just before she moved to South America! 

A wonderful few days in Paris which both warmed and broke my heart as I love and miss the city so much. 

Mood - In need of a croissant! 
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