Cote d'Azur

Nothing beats a girls' holiday to recover from exam stress, revision torture and to celebrate the beginning of a wonderful summer. As soon as the examiner declared "stop writing, time is up" our bags were already packed and our minds had already travelled to the wonderful and beautiful south of France for a much needed break. 

NO was a gracious hostest with the mostest who drove us around all week, prepped a full holiday jam-packed with fun-filled, relaxing activities and baked the most wonderful banana bread for breakfast. SM, JJ and I could not have felt more welcome and by the end of the week we didn't want to leave! 

Words cannot do justice to the beauty of the Cote d'Azur as as we visited each town the water only got bluer and the streets prettier. From the beautiful valley views from St Paul de Vance to the decadent harbour front in Nice we could not have had a better week exploring the coast. 

There is nothing like having a local tour guide to take you to breathtakingly beautiful and secluded picnic spots, shady forests and the coolest stretch of beach in town! 

One of my favourite days was spend exploring the flower market in Nice and then climbing right to the top of the top, up a million steps, where we were rewarded with views for miles and ice creams piled high!

JJ and I were in heaven as we stopped at patisseries for breakfast, taking our pick of fresh pastries and loose-leaf tea brewed to perfection. 

SM and I decided to spend a night sleeping under the stars in a hammock....not as romantic as it sounds when you have two people in one hammock and you wake up with a foot in your face and an ache in your back. However, our night outdoors will not be forgotten in a hurry! 

NO has the cutest little puppy who never failed to make us laugh scampering around the garden and sneaking into our beds for a morning snuggle....who can blame him, there is nothing like a morning cuddle with two hot ladies to start the day off right!

Having spent a week eating wonderful food, living in our bikinis and sampling RO's rather strong cocktails we sadly had to pack our bags and head home with promises of another trip very soon! 

Thanks to our wonderful hosts and to the girlies who kindly let me steal some of their photos...cheeky! 

Same time next year ladies! 

Mood - missing the Cote dreadfully

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