Exams passed, bags packed, alcohol finished, library fines paid and student card expired because I am now officially a graduate! Don't get me wrong, I loved my time as a graduand, and as a student in fact, but I am really, really enjoying being a fully fledged graduate....and I have the letters to prove it, MISS BETHANY T B.A.Hons! 

I don't miss being a student and I am eager to leap head first into the world of work and start earning my own money. However, I do miss university, I miss the people, I miss my long leisurely days and organising my own time, I miss the campus and I miss the daily fun that just seems to manifest at university. 

That said, I was mega excited to be back on campus one final time and, not to get too sentimental or anything, but there was something amazingly perfect about parking in the same place that we parked five years ago when I turned up on an open day to first visit my potential new home. 

The day was so wonderful, the sun was shining, nobody fell on stage and the only tears that flowed were happy tears, filled with pride, friendship and joy. 

I used to think that graduation was an expensive day put on by the university to squeeze a few more precious pounds out of our pockets in order that parents could celebrate what an incredible job they had done in creating such intelligent, bright young things. But, I couldn't have been more wrong! Having a final day to celebrate the success of my friends, peers and professors in getting through four turbulent and eventful years was a uniquely special experience. 

Four years is a long time to spend achieving one thing: a degree, and throwing our hats in the air on the count of three was a wonderfully significant and simple way to sum up our efforts in a final burst of excitement! 

Thank you to all of those who were part of my university experience, good or bad, trivial or significant, every person was critical in forming the last four years of my life and I am forever grateful for it. You will not be forgotten! 

Mood - ready for the next chapter! 
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