A trip to Hogwarts- Part 1

The 22nd December was the best day of my life....for many reasons. Firstly, I had the day off work, secondly, it marked my anniversary with Mr AN and thirdly, I went to Hogwarts! Mama T very kindly gave me two tickets to the Harry Potter studio tour experience almost a year ago, so I finally managed to find a day free to go. 

My fellow muggle AN and I hopped aboard the Hogwarts express and made our way toward the most magical place on earth, yes, Watford. 

From the moment the doors to the great hall opened I became well and truly immersed in all things Potter. The crowds gasped as the door was pushed open and we were welcomed to Hogwarts, just as Harry Potter was. 

The main reason I waited until December to visit was because the great hall was set up for Christmas, with tables loaded with goodies made by the house elves in the kitchen and garlands adorning the statues and mantels. Snow fell from the magical ceiling and fires flicked in the grate, everything was perfect and helped to completely transport me to Hogwarts. 

I couldn't stop taking pictures of every little thing, so please excuse the photo overload in this post! 

I loved that even the Christmas puddings had been set alight, it really was the minute details that really make this magical world so special and so real to all those who believe in Harry. 

We wondered slowly through the maze of sets, props and costumes finding ourselves in the Weasley's kitchen, Dumbledore's office and the Gryffindor corridor. 

Every little thing had been remembered, with sweet wrappers littering the common room and Chudley cannon posters in the dorm. This of course meant that I took twice as long as everyone else, trying to take everything in and spotting all the details. 

The mound of props was my favourite as I was able to spot bits from each film and even things that were impossible to notice on the films but all helped to fully create this wonderfully believable world. It was a little like being in my own personal heaven, which closely resembled the room of requirement. Perfect.

Just a quick stop in the chamber of secrets....good job I am fluent in Parseltongue.

Archie decided to test the special effects and put his hand in the fire, only to discover it was all a fake! There is no smoke without fire! 

Couldn't resist a quick look in the mirror of Erised to see what my heart truly desires! You know what they say, nothing is hotter than a boy who likes Potter! 

Of course, any trip to Hogwarts would not be complete without a visit to the main man himself, so we popped into Dumbledore's office for a catch-up and sherbert lemon. 

The best start to the most incredible day! More to come soon! 

Mood - completely potty for Potter! 

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