A Trip To Hogwarts - Part 2

You already know by now that my visit to the Harry Potter Studio Tour was the best day of my life (near-enough), so much so, in fact, that I needed to split it into two posts! 

Having visited the Weasley's kitchen and the Ministry of Magic we found ourselves in Malfoy Manner and face to face with Voldemort himself. Pretty scary stuff, but not as scary as Professor Umbridge's pink office! Even for me, the pink hue was rather shocking. 

We moved onto the large outdoor set installations after a quick pit stop for some Butterbeer. I had been very excited to try this delicacy and had high expectations. AN was not a fan but I loved it, although we both agreed that it was not how we imagined it. With Butterbeer moustaches we headed to where is all began; Private Drive. 

AN couldn't resist a quick trip on the Knight bus, complete with snow cascading down, putting the final touches to an already perfect moment. 

Around the next turn we can face to face with some pretty scary creatures, and some not so scary. It really is amazing how much imagination and creativity goes into making a fantasy a reality, which has become completely realistic in the minds of so many. 

Without a doubt, the highlight of my visit was our walk along Diagon Alley. We popped in to get our robes, our wands and stack of school books before checking our account at Gringotts. AN was completely absorbed choosing his Quiddich supplies and checking out the new Nimbus 2000, typical boy! 

The final room, however, was possibly the most enchanting and was filled with scale models of the Hogwarts castle, each bigger than the next. I knew I would be impressed but the detail, scale and believability of the models was truly outstanding. It was the prefect way to finish our tour, leaving us completely enchanted by the magical world of Potter once again. 

HP even manage to find its way into my stocking, meaning that I spend Christmas day in the most glorious way possible; snuggled up on the sofa with some Bertie Bott's and a great read. 

To quote JK Rowling - "All was well" 

Mood - planning my next visit! 
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