Street Art of Paris

My uber-cool friend IS and I ventured into the Oberkampf district a few weekends ago for a lazy Sunday stroll and to search for the infamous street art that we have heard so much about. Oberkampf is a lesser-known area of Paris and as such is one of the few places that remains populated by true Parisians, as it is outside the tourist ring. I like to compare Oberkampf with Camden in London, as it is packed with great music venues, vintage shops, artists and the perfect blend of ethnic communities that add a healthy dosage of "culture".

We spent several hours wandering around the streets and searching out the best of the best of truly unique street art. We noticed how for the first time we were looking-up whilst walking, which added a completely new viewpoint to seeing Paris. Nothing better than a lovely walk in the first of the Spring time sunshine with a beautiful friend by my side in my opinion.

Here are a few snaps of the art we came across.

I find it interesting that art is used as a form of political statement, with many political groups using street art to promote a demonstration. Oberkampf is a pretty politically liberal area and I think is reflected in some of the paintings. 

Recently outlines of babies in a womb have been painted on pavements all over the city as part of the discussions currently taking place on abortion in Paris. Whether political messages should be painted on buildings and streets is a topic of contention in the city however I love that groups are becoming so creative in their methods of campaigning and are using art as a form of persuasion and political unity. It also adds a pretty dash of colour to the beige and black hues of Paris. 

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