Barcelona - Part 2

After a relaxing breakfast of croissants and the Spanish version of a pain au chocolat we walked over to the Sagrada Familia, the Guadi style cathedral in the heart of the city. It was interesting to see such a huge monument that is still under construction and yet is built to blend with the city's surroundings. Unlike any other city, Barcelona's architecture is completely unique and there is a surprise around every corner. I could of walked all day taking in the sights and smells but we decided to head to the beach for the afternoon. 

After a year in France I have become completely adapted to speaking french daily and now speak fluently, so it was a bizarre experience for me to be in a country that I cannot even put together the simplest of sentences. Maybe I will now have a little bit more sympathy for the tourists in Paris when they are blocking my path with their maps and ordering the wrong thing in restaurants. Or maybe I should just learn Spanish? 

The beach was absolutely beautiful, if a little crowded and I particularly enjoyed being able to walk directly from city centre down to the sea. Very impressive. I lay in the sunshine, listening to the sound of the lapping waves and digging my toes into the warm sand. 

It was late when we finally decided to find some food and we walked along the shore until we came to a little fish restaurant straight on the beach. I mean, this place was right on the sand, with a view of the boats on the horizon and even a couple of nudists enjoying the last of the evening sunshine. We quickly ordered a big, fresh, seafood paella and the jug, yes a jug, of sangria. Everything was delicious and we couldn't have asked for a better location (minus the nudists). 

Mood- In full holiday mode! 
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