Fete de la Musique

Once a year every single parisian hits the streets for an evening bursting with music, dancing and all round fun. The Fete de la Musique is a city-wide celebration of home-grown musical talent and displays it in incredible locations for the whole city to enjoy. Just walking along the street you bump into bands playing on street corners, organised concerts in every open space and groups of people picnicking and strumming guitars. AS and I hit the streets with a bag full of beer and our dancing shoes on. We started out with a little picnic on the grass outside Hotel des Invalides listening to several bands doing their thing. There was the perfect chilled out vibe, with friends just relaxing and enjoying some tunes. 

Next we headed down to the river and followed it all along towards Hotel de Ville, in the process we came across a giant floating cinema screen that was playing music videos and artistic creations. There is no better backdrop than the river, with boats drifting peacefully by and watching the twinkling lights on the other banks. 

The giant chalkboard was was my personal favourite and we spent a little while merrily scribbling our messages. I love that the whole of Paris is so accessible and that it is easy to see lots of events just walking around. 

We came across a bandstand on the river and everybody watching was sitting, tapping their feet to the rhythm, inching to dance. AS grabbed my hand and pulled me in front of the stage, we were quickly joined by many others and danced like fools, enjoying the music and just generally had a blast. 

Nothing brings people together like music and the Fete de la Music unites the whole city for a short few hours. The city is covered with darkness and slowly the Parisians appear on the streets, let go on their inhibitions and just enjoy the beauty and the sounds of their city. Children, couples, friends, parents and even the golden oldies join together in one celebration. Nothing gives me greater pleasure that seeing complete strangers holding their hands out to a lonely bystander, pulling them to the dance floor. 

The Fete de la Music was one of the best nights I have had in Paris and truly shows the city and its people off at their best. 

Mood - Proud to be an honorary Parisian. 
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