Gaza Company Charity Dinner Night 2015

My feelings towards the army tend to fluctuate at the best of times as my life is filled with dealing with the stresses of being an army girlfriend. Each day presents highs and lows as we celebrate exciting times and put a brave face on when we receive bad news. I am aware that I am still very new to this world and have only just scratched the surface of what this life brings with it. 

However, last weekend was full of positives and we were all able to let our hair down and enjoy a night of well-deserved merriment. The cadets scrubbed up remarkably well, despite a few bruises here and there, and the ladies all looked lovely in their dresses. 

I have to admit that I was dubious about the 'From Russia With Love' theme, but as soon as we entered the venue and were greeted by a giant reared bear I knew the night was not going to disappoint. The boys did a fantastic job decorating the rooms, hanging huge banners and colourful flags to really create a Russian feel. 

We started with Moscow Mules before entering the dining hall to be served with vodka shots from ice glasses. Russian folk music filled the air as we sat down for a dinner of pork knuckle pate, roast lamb and sticky toffee pudding. Wine was flowing and champagne corks were popping as everyone chatted happily in their furs and Russian hats. 

AN and I did our best Russian Oligarch impression! 

The dinner was followed by an exciting auction where Cadets outbid each other, vying for the chance to have a colour Sergeant clean their muddy boots. The money raised for charity was staggering, making an evening of fun and silliness well worth it to support such worthy causes. 

Russian cossack dancers too to the floor, parading their strength, flipping and jumping and challenging the testosterone-filled, boozed-up members amongst us to flaunt their moves on the dance floor. 

The party really started moving as the champagne started to take over. The vodka luge was fully operational and we all had a wonderful time taking silly snaps in the photo-booth. 

The rest of the night and most of the next morning I am ashamed to say were mostly a blur, but I can be sure that I had a wonderful time with my beautiful cousin, my handsome Cadet and his wonderful friends. 

Extra credit to MN for remembering to take photos and for letting me borrow her pics. I take no credit!

Mood - ready for the next party! 

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  1. Wonderful party! Seems very enjoyable! From a long time I haven’t attend any party but very soon I am going to attend my annual office party. There will be a lot of fun. You know some fun games have also been added to this party. Feeling quite eager to attend the party!


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