Chinese New Year 2013

I LOVE Chinese new year, the food, the parades and the general all round merriment. I also believe that if your new years resolutions are not going as well as hoped when they were drunkenly first made that Chinese new year is a great second chance. I was so excited to watch the parade in Paris for the first time as the Chinese population here becomes more and more influential every year, winning over the French with their food and bright colourful culture. Who would have thought that ardent French foodies would relish the bustling development of Asian cuisine, not just as a side line food choice but as a major rival to the filet mignon? I was surprised how many people turned up, considering the horrific weather. JC and I joined the crowds at the Centre Pompidou and looked for a sneaky quiet spot to watch the fun. 

Not even the snow could get in the way of JC and I watching the parade and unlike in most cities there were no barriers or security holding back the crowd, so we ended up getting a little too close to the action! Golden yellow dragons, beautiful dancers and drummers added a little colour to the Dior grey of Paris and the chic black crowd of spectators. Children leapt up to try and touch the dancing dragon and confetti was spraying down, thrown by those watching from balconies. 

After the parade we quickly found shelter in a little corner-cafe to avoid the snow and had a steaming hot chocolate and a crepe to warm us up. The perfect blend of Parisian and Asian culture.

I really disliked seeing the confetti being stomped into the ground and being drowned in puddles rather than raining down on us like a multi-coloured snowstorm. 

I will definitely being going for Chinese soon.
At times, Paris could do with a bit of colour. 

Mood - hungry for noodles! 

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