I was introduced to Candelaria by a seasoned Parisienne and friend of mine who has now been living in the city for 5 years and has used that time to discover some real gems. Candelaria certainly is a gem and is definitely where all the cool kids hang out! Tucked away in the 3rd Arrondissement, behind the boulevards, hidden behind the fancy shopping streets and obscured by ostentatious cafes and restaurants, it is very easy to walk past Candelaria and not even know it's there. But that's what makes it so fantastic. From the front Candelaria is a tiny, weeny little taco bar, with an ever changing simple menu and tequila punch on tap. Diners sit at the bar, only big enough for 6 people but often over 20 people are crammed into every nook and cranny quenching their taco desire. I cannot even begin to explain what is actually on the menu, but products are so fresh and everything tastes delicious. Nothing costs more that 5 euros so it's worth ordering one of everything and having a taste. I recommend having some homemade tortilla chips and the freshest guacamole I have ever seen, so fresh that they literally smash the avocados in front of you! 

But that's not even the best part!

Once you have had your fill of Mexican cuisine, push through what looks like the back door of the restaurant and you will find a secret bar, completely hidden from the eyes of passers by. Dimly lit and effortlessly cool, this is where you come for uniquely blended cocktails and ice cold Coronas.

Usually I visit Candelaria in the evening for a couple of drinks before heading out, soaking up the relaxed and playful vibe and chilled out music, however my partner in crime IS and I decided we needed a sunday afternoon pick me up.......in the form of tacos not cocktails! Both day and night are equally enjoyable here and I would recommend everyone to visit if they are in town. Enjoy 

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