A Trip to Twickers

As many of you will know I have a little soft spot for a good game of rugby. My family are very rugby focussed and it could be said that it was a given that I would become involved! I have very vivid memories of cold, rainy sunday mornings spent on the pitch at the local rugby club as a child, so much so that I continued to play all through school. At the age of 17 I became a proud member of a girls rugby team, known officially as "the greatest team in the world." What can I say, it was fate, the beginning of a love affair that I am sure will last a lifetime. 

Proof! (circa 2007)

Last weekend I rekindled a few memories and spent a cold afternoon watching the Barbarians defeat Fiji at Twickenham, the glorious home of English rugby. It was great to see papa T, HT and BF again and to enjoy several hours of tense sporting excitement. 

We cheered, we sang, we danced, some of us drunk, (3 guesses who) and we had an all-round fantastic time. 

Thanks papa T for organising the tickets! 

Mood - Bring on the HK 7's 2014
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