Canal St Martin

Sunday dawned and NT and I were feeling a little delicate in the morning. We had a fantastic night on Grands Boulevards with one too many mojitos all round and we were definitely being punished for our sins. The best way to beat the fuzzy heat, we decided, was a mexican brunch and an invigorating bike ride around the Canal St Martin. After a bit of a wobbly start we found ourself in the 3rd right next door to Candelaria, so we popped in for some guacamole and chips, fresh bitter lemonade and queso fresco tostados. Fully quenched and re-fueled we hopped back on the bikes and pedalled over to the Marche des Enfants Rouge for our weekly dose of vintage shopping. The diverse range of things on offer never ceases to amaze me and it's always a fun few hours rummaging for a bargain.

Finally we reached the canal St Martin and swapped the bike lane for the path that runs alongside the canal. This was my first visit to the canal, which lies in 10th arrondissement, and I was not at all disappointed.  Cool, relaxed cafes and bars line either side of water, with their customers spilling out onto the pavements and guys with guitars sit on the banks, strumming relaxed riffs to passers by. In my opinion, this place would be perfect for a sunny day, with a picnic and a bottle of wine shared amongst a group of friends.

We wandered up and down the canal, chatting freely and watching out for the cutest little puppy dogs enjoying the sunshine as much as their owners. Why did I not discover the 10th before?

Thank you NT for your excellent company, photography and for just being amazing. Please don't go!

Mood- Excited for more sunny days to come.....(according to the forecast)
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