Musée Rodin

I am very lucky to live next door to the beautiful Rodin Museum, a stunning house dedicated to displaying the biggest collection of Rodin's works and the prettiest little garden on the rive gauche. Last year NT and I took the first of what we now call our annual trip to Paris and we spent a glorious day in the musée and then picnicked amongst the roses. Contrary to most parks in Paris, in this hidden garden you are free to wander everywhere and even to sit on the grass. The other thing that adds to its perfection is its relative quietness, being tucked away from main roads and being free from the sounds of passing traffic. Every time I visit I never queue and the garden is always filled with people appreciating its beauty, reading on a bench and lying on the lawn appreciating a moment of peace. A little slice of calm amongst the hustle and bustle of the city. 

Once you have wandered around the classically elegant house, and appreciated the incredible sculpture and painting on display, stroll into the garden and just enjoy. In particular, "The gates to hell" and "the kiss" are well worth a couple of minutes of reflection and appreciation. Finish by visiting "the thinker", Rodin's most celebrated piece. Sculptures are scattered amongst the roses and complement the pastel colours perfectly. The roses were just beginning to bloom and everything about our trip was simply perfect. 

We rounded off the day with a picnic outside Invalides, complete with a melty camembert and rose lemonade. 

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