I want to tell you about the most beautiful and wonderful place in Paris. It's called Ralph's and it is the little restaurant nestled in the courtyard of Ralph Lauren on Boulevard St Germain. Ralph Lauren is a simply chic and classic brand that oozes laid back style and sophistication, whilst promoting the enjoyment of the finer things in life. This mantra also applies to the little restaurant that feeds its crowd of supporters. 

The hustle and bustle of the busy Boulevard St Germain is instantly lost as you step into the shady arch passage leading to the central courtyard of the boutique. The sound of traffic, bus horns and angry taxi drivers is replaced with the quiet chitter chatter of the city's finest, catching up on daily affairs and exchanging conversation with their friends. Paris is lost and it feels like you have found yourself in a quiet, relaxed courtyard garden in the south of France or even Italy. Fresh flowers cover the tables whilst big white parasols blotch out the sunny sky, shielding the clientele from the hot rays on sunshine, creating a cool and shady escape. 

Plush nautical blue and white wicker sofas make this simply beautiful terrace a little corner of luxury. The waiters are quietly attentive, very attractive and refreshing pleasant compared to many waiters in Paris. They dance around the little maze of tables bringing over freshly made mojitos and little bowls of toffee-nut popcorn. 

We stopped for a leisurely refreshing drink and cake, Paris's answer to tea and biscuits. As much as I love french patisseries, sometimes I crave cake, proper cake. For this, Ralph's is the perfect solution. I chose the home-made ice tea, which is a treat in itself as cool earl grey is poured over ice and a little jug of syrup is provided so that you can mix it to your own taste. I like mine as sugary as possible, with a little slice of lemon. Mamma T decided on a little trio of desserts, including the brownie, ice-cream and cheesecake. AW chose the raspberry sorbet and a minty-fresh non-alcoholic mojito. Everything was delicious, if a little too indulgent. 

Ralph's is the perfect place for a little afternoon-tea, a cool evening drink or even a leisurely lunch. I saw the burgers, they looked amazing so I will definitely be back for dinner sometime very soon. In my opinion, this would be the perfect little date spot. I would certainly be impressed. 

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