Macaroon Midnight Feasts

NT and I are maybe slightly obsessed with macaroons. Just a little bit. I mean, who isn't? The cute little pastel coloured treats are perfectly sized for a little sweet treat at any time in the day. Half way between the humble biscuit and a cake the macaroon satisfies a special type of craving. There is nothing more perfect than selecting a beautiful box full of coloured yummies and then walking home along the Seine with a best friend, macaroons in hand.

Yesterday we went all out. It all started with afternoon tea at Laduree and finished with a macaroon midnight feat. NT chose a vanilla ice cream milkshake and a raspberry millefeuille and I had a saint Honoure Rose Religieuse and the thickest, creamiest hot chocolate I have ever tasted. Everything tasted even better than it looked, which is pretty impressive considering everything looked so divine. Anything with a rose petal on top is my kind of perfect.

We decided that we just HAD to invest in a little box to extend the magic for a little longer, so ended up munching our way through them as a little bed time treat.

Mood - wishing I could go to bed with NT and a box of macaroons every night.

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