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I am fascinated by perfume and love everything about it, from the science behind mixing new scents to the beautifully crafted little bottles. I visited the Goutal boutique at the beginning of my year in France and so decided that I should end my time with another trip, this time to the Detaille shop in the 9th arrondissement. Detaille scents date back to 1905 and were first created for the Countess of Presle in the form of a scented balm to combat the dehydration caused by driving, something women were only just beginning to experience. This uniquely feminine and historical past have shaped the brand today and it remains an exclusive and luxurious label to this day. The shop was classic and beautiful with mirrored display shelves and sweet little perfume bottles lined-up perfectly. The lady was equally lovely and spend a long time explaining the history and all the products to me, adding a very special personal touch. In my opinion, the nicest thing was then mini-museum that they had created with all the old packaging on display, as well a the original bottles and the sales records from when the shop first opened. 

I love that Parisians respect independent and artisan boutiques, enjoying and indulging in luxury products that are steeped in unique histories. There is something much more special and exciting about buying perfume from a sweet little shop from a friendly and knowledgable person who plays a part in creating and designing the product, rather than from a clinical sales assistant in a department store. 

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