Parc Monceau

In my opinion the prettiest park in Paris is the parc Monceau, closely followed by Buttes-Chaumont. Both are perfect for an evening drink and maybe even a picnic surrounded by Parisians doing the same.  That is the beauty of the parc Monceau, it remains a park for the Parisians rather than for tourists, unlike the jardins de Luxembourg and the jardins de Tuileries. I spend a while exploring the park, walking around its perimeter and the lake, just appreciated its character and beauty. I had an afternoon by myself and knew this would be the perfect use of my time. Sometimes being alone in a park is the best way to see it as I was not distracted chit-chatting with friends and my eyes were fully focussed on the life and nature surrounding me. 

The highlight of the park is undoubtably the lake which is surrounded with Roman ruins in the shape of an old Colosseum. Wild flowers spring up around the stone and giant fish glide slowly in the murky water creating a peaceful haven. 

The sweet little carousel and old fashioned swings make this park a favourite for petit parisiens and adults alike. Children run freely across the lawns whilst groups of friends sip their wine having a good old gossip. I really felt part of the city lifeblood, part of the rhythm of its people and I felt like I belonged to the tribe of city-dwellers who called this park their garden. 

I did get a little carried away taking photographs but it was such a lovely, lazy summer's day and everywhere I looked I saw things too delightful not to photograph. Capturing memories. Of course being by yourself makes it very difficult to take photos with you in them and therefore I ended up taking a few too many rubbish selfies. 

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