Le Moulin Rouge

I have a mental list of things I need to achieve before I die/ make it to thirty/ leave Paris/ get married etc. Basically I am a list maker. All my lists included seeing the cancan performed at the Moulin Rouge and recently I was able to cross this off my list with a big fat mental tick. Cliched, yes, touristy, yes, amazing, definitely yes! What made this even better was the fact that I was invited by a friend who is also a dancer at the Moulin itself. E and I quickly settled ourselves into the red velvet plushy chairs and prepared ourselves to be amazed, and amazed we were. Beautiful dancers with endlessly long legs and dazzling costumes jumped and twirled creating an incredible spectacle of decadence and naughtiness. The dancing was punctuated with brilliantly funny acts, including a talking dog, acrobats and the best juggling I have ever seen. I think you have to see it to believe it, but this isn't just your average circus stuff, oh no, this is performance and entertainment to its best. The highlight for me was undoubtably the cancan, seeing girls kicking, flipping and jumping to the quintessential French song just about made me the happiest girl alive, the only thing missing was of course Ewan McGregor. I have to say, the flowing champagne probably added to the experience as well! 

Thank you A for inviting us to watch you dance and for making a life-long dream come true. You're the best! 

Mood - Feeling a little closer to finding my Ewan McGregor.......
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