Haute Couture Exhibition

The Paris Haute Couture exhibition was on recently at the Hotel de Ville and provided a unique insight into the world of high fashion, designers and craftsmanship. I was needless to say very excited to visit, especially with promises of over fifty uniquely crafted dresses providing a visual history of haute couture. I was not disappointed, in fact I was dazzled with row after row of exquisite detailing, flawless tailoring and the most beautiful accessories. 

The museum started with several  display boxes outlining the beginnings of the couture world, explaining the strict guidelines and specifications a fashion house must follow in order to eligible for haute couture status.

The dresses the provide a timeline of the development of fashion but also fashion techniques and tailoring and also displayed some iconic fashion pieces, such as an original Chanel little black dress. I have never felt such wardrobe envy and can only dream of ever owning such an incredible piece of clothing but also a little piece of history. 

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