Breakfast in America

Sometimes croissants and and baguettes get a little too much when you eat them everyday. Hard to believe I know but it is nevertheless true. I know as soon as I get home I will regret ever saying this and will be wishing, praying and begging for some freshly baked parisian goodies. With that said, my fellow blogger and beautiful friend IS and I headed out to find a different brunch spot and decided to try a much talked about place called Breakfast in America. A typical American diner providing pancakes, crispy bacon, bagels, fries and eggs sunny side up.

We feasted on delicious brunch's of American-sized portions in an amazingly authentic and fun surroundings. The whole diner was buzzing with happy and well fed voices chatting away with friends on a lazy Sunday morning. Breakfast stretched into lunch as we helped ourselves to yet another milkshake, feasted on fluffy pancakes and gorged ourselves on great conversation.

I would recommend Breakfast in America to anyone needing a little taste of the US of A or even just a little break from the boulangerie!

Mood - Feeling full just thinking about it!

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