Palais de Tokyo

A lesser-known but equally interesting sight in Paris is the Palais de Tokyo. I only recently discovered this little, well actually rather large, gem and thank goodness I did because so many tourists get very wrapped up in the Eiffel tower and the Champs Elysees that they miss amazing things right in front of them. From the beginning I was determined not to fall into this trap and so finding places like this makes me feel very accomplished. Silly really considering all good guide books will at least have a little paragraph dedicated to the Palais and the fact that it was just a hop and a jump across the Seine from the apartment.  

The centre itself is a modern art museum and the reason I love it is because of its large-scale art installations that feel interactive to the point that you cannot help but get involved and drawn into the pieces. In particular the rainbow room as I like to call it is sort of a cross between a paint-shop explosion and a skate park and as such attracts adults and children onto is colourful levels. We are drawn in to become participants, not observers but part of the work itself, to use, play and explore the art. That to me is what art is all about, enjoying oneself and feeling part of something.

Several other statement pieces reflect powerful opinions and thoughts on society, calling the watcher to question and reflect on this interactive dialog.

When you have finished being manipulated and examine by pieces of art take a moment to notice how amazing the actual building is in itself, especially the courtyard and garden, which make the whole experience even more pleasant. The cafĂ© also deserves a mention and is the perfect place for a little pause, chat and pick me up. I would even come here for dinner it’s that cool!

The artwork even continues outside!

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