Morocco - Part 3 Marrakech

I have decided to do a blog post entirely devoted to the Majorelle Gardens because, quite frankly, they deserve it and are just too beautiful to be scrummed together with another post. The French artist Jacques Majorelle designed they gardens during the colonial period, when Morocco was a protectorate of France. Later, Yves Saint Laurent bought the garden after finding that it was a place he could enjoy peace, calm and beauty amongst the busy streets of the city. There is now a memorial to Yves Saint Laurent in the gardens which attracts faithful fashionistas in their hundreds. These botanical gardens provide a green and lush area that we do not associate with Morocco, the whole space literally is an oasis in the middle of a desert. Clever planting of bamboos and cactus creates walls of beautiful and fresh vegetation that shades the heat of the morning sun and brightly painted urns contrast refreshingly with the rich green backdrop. However, the real impact is made he with the bright cobalt blue accents, including the walls, which illuminate the gardens and just form such a simple and classic place to be. 

We spent several lazy hours meandering the gardens, shaded by leafy palms and soothed with the flow and tinkle of flowing water. The garden literally surrounds you at several points, with flowers blooming overhead and tall bamboos creating corridors leading to deep blue pools of water and life. The memorial is worth a moments pause and reflection, whether you are a fashion follower on not. Just being in the garden is enough to feel an overwhelming love for art, beauty and creative minds. 

The small courtyard garden cafe is worth a stop and provides the perfect viewpoint of the garden. Shaded by immense sails you can enjoy a homemade ice tea or rich fruit cocktail whilst watching the passing visitors wandering the gardens and listening to the silent peace of the garden. 

In my opinion, the Majorelle gardens were my personal highlight in Marrakech, I just cannot imagine a nicer place to spend a morning. I will definitely be back! 

Mood - In need of a calming place 

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  1. The Majorelle Gardens were mine and Joe's favourite part of Marrakech too! Beautiful photos xxx

  2. Yay glad you had a good time! They are just so beautiful, I want to live in them. xx

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